Careers Information and Guidance

Please follow this link to information for Year 11 students that are due to leave  in the summer of 2017, highlighting local further education options and sign posting young people to other appropriate alternative post 16 options that can support them moving forward. 

Planning for the future is so important, and we aim to give all students the best information and guidance available to help them make their choices. From Year 8 all the way through to Y13 students have time in their curriculum to develop skills and gather information and experience to best prepare them for their next step, be that making the right Key Stage 4 Option choices, picking their A-levels, selecting college courses, or even finding an apprenticeship.

Key to this is our own full time Careers Officer, Mrs K Burroughs. Mrs Burroughs arranges for every student in Year 11 to have an individual 1-to-1 session to discuss their intentions for Post-16 education, as well as co-ordinating the ‘mock’ application and interview process that each student experiences.

You can contact Mrs Burroughs via the link for more information, or to arrange a further 1-to-1 session.

Careers Highlights

  • Y8 – Jobs & Pathways. Skills and qualities of good employees
  • Y9 – Options Evening
  • Y10 – CV’s, applications and interview technique
  • Y11 – 1-to-1 appointments, Mock Interviews, and The Lionheart Challenge
  • Y12 – Insight into Management, Higher Education Visits, Apprenticeship Talks
  • Y13 – Applications (UCAS/Work/Apprenticeships)

For general enquiries please feel free to contact Mr Coffey through this link.

To help you make your own choices, and to find out for yourself what you could do why not try the plots game? It’ll match jobs to your personality, interests and skills. Let you look at what the world of work is really like. Then use that knowledge to find the right courses, work experience, apprenticeships, jobs – and more – all near you.

Career advice that is Fresh, Practical, Yours and Inspirational


Please follow this link to the school Careers Education and Guidance Policy Statement.