Supporting Students

Welcome to the Sixth Form 


The excellent level of pastoral care provided in Years 7-11 is continued into Sixth Form. You will be allocated a personal Tutor and placed in a small Tutor Group.

Your Tutor will remain with you for the two years in the Sixth Form and will get to know you well. He/she will monitor your progress, provide support, both academically and emotionally, and assist you when completing your Personal Statement for university or job applications.


In addition to your academic progress, you will be monitored in other important areas of school life: tutor group attendance; lesson attendance; punctuality; meeting deadlines; effort and participation in lessons.

Assessment Points (AP) are issued in the Autumn, Spring and Summer Terms of Years 12 and 13, keeping students and parents informed of progress in all subjects. The Assessment Point Report can be accessed by clicking on this link

The key aims of the school Assessment Policy are:
1. Students should be empowered to understand what progress they have made and what they need to do to progress further.
2. Teachers understand and measure what learners know, what skills that they have and then plan what they need to do in order to enable Students continue to make progress.
3. Parents are able to see how their children are progressing and understand how they can help and support them in improving further.

Students will have the opportunity to discuss their progress with their tutor and teacher as part of the tutorial programme. They will have the chance to set targets and evidence their achievement as the year progresses. Interventions will be made by subject teachers and the Sixth Form Team when necessary and parents will be informed of the support in place for their child.

During the year Preliminary Exams will take place for both year groups as a current measure of performance and to aid the interventions if required.

Parents' evenings are held once in Year 12 and twice in Year 13.

Bursary Scheme

The school has a Bursary Scheme in place for students who are eligible to receive additional financial support whilst they are in the Sixth Form. There are 3 levels to the Bursary:

Level 1 - Those most in need, such as young people in care, care leavers, young people receiving income support and disabled young people receiving both Employment Support Allowance and Disability Living Allowance can apply for a bursary of £1,200 per year.

Level 2 - This Bursary can be allocated to students who need support to overcome financial barriers that might prevent them continuing in full time education. This Bursary is for students who received Free School Meals in Year 11 and continue to be eligible for Free School Meals in the Sixth Form. They will receive a bursary of between £500 to £800 per year for identified and agreed costs outlined in the application process.

Level 3 - This level of Bursary is for those students with a financial need who do not fall into the above categories. This is a match-funded bursary of up to £300 per year. Applications must state what the identifiable financial need is and evidence provided to support this. The criteria for any support is that the total household income must be less than £20,000pa and that no other income is available from another household to support the student. Documentary evidence is required.

Please click on this link for further Bursary Scheme details or email Mrs Lucas on