Teacher Training




Teacher Training

William de Ferrers has a successful history of training teachers across a range of subject areas and a number of our staff are ex pupils. We are part of the Essex School Direct Partnership and the Billericay Educational Consortium (BEC) who are committed to attracting, training and developing graduates to enable all schools within our area to reach the same level of excellence and quality of provision thus ensuring that all our trainees achieve their full potential. 

In order to realise this vision William de Ferrers and other schools in the partnerships have made a commitment to work together to provide the very best school-based teacher training programmes in the Secondary sector. Both the programmes seek to maximise time spent in the classroom by ensuring that the face-to-face professional studies programme is of the highest quality and delivered within our locality.

Part time study is now also available along with other opportunities via our providers for subject knowledge enhancement programmes.


About the Billericay Educational Consortium

There are over 50 schools in the partnership and were rated outstanding in their most recent OfSTED inspection. They have been working as a provider of ITT for over 25 years. They provide an exciting and inspiring course and give you opportunities to experience a variety of educational settings, including early years settings, Special Schools, a Pupil Referral Unit, and schools with expertise and English as an Additional Language.


You are ensured personalised support and will meet regularly with a course tutor, a subject mentor and a lead subject mentor to guide you on your way. You are guaranteed a minimum of 125 teaching days throughout the course and you can pursue both QTS only or QTS with a PGCE. 


About the Essex School Direct partnership

There are over 20 schools in the partnerships, all judged to be outstanding or good (Grade 1 or 2) by Ofsted and managed by Davenant Foundation School. The unique blended learning programme combines school based training, on-line learning materials, a network of experienced subject specialists to deliver pedagogy and subject knowledge and a number of off-site visits to special schools, primary schools and Leading Teacher days.  

All of the schools have a track record of working with university PGCE providers and Essex ITT.   The working partnership has been in existence for over 10 years which ensures that cooperation between the schools is established and is a strength of the partnership.  Each school provides a fully trained Mentor for each trainee, supported by a Pathway Tutor from TES Institute who visits each half-term


Bursaries and scholarships

If you have a 2:2 degree or above and are training to teach a secondary shortage subject you may be able to apply for a bursary. Bursaries offered for 2022-2023 are:

● Physics £27,000

● Chemistry £27,000

● Mathematics £27,000

● Computing £27,000

● Languages £25,000

● Geography £25,000

● Design and Technology £20,000

● Biology £20,000

● English £15,000


If you have a 2:1 degree or above and are training to teach a secondary shortage subject you may be eligible for a scholarship from the relevant professional body. Scholarships combine a financial award with a package of additional benefits. Trainees awarded a scholarship cannot also receive a bursary. Scholarships offered for 2022-2023 are:

● Physics £29,000

● Chemistry £29,000

● Mathematics £29,000

● Computing £29,000

● French £27,000

● German £27,000

● Spanish £27,000


For more information on opportunities for teacher training at William de Ferrers, please contact Miss A Farrar, Assistant Headteacher afarrar@wdf.school

For information on both our providers please visit the DfE website.


For further information on how to apply, the entry requirements and subject enhancement courses visit Essex School Direct Partnership website or the Billericay Educational Consortium website.