Online Safety

ceopFor advice, help or to make a report to the Child Exploitation & Online Protection Centre (CEOP), please click on this image.

The School  e-safety coordinator is Mr A Chan. If you have any specific questions then please use this link to contact Mr Chan.  

The School has an acceptable usage policy, the purpose of this policy is to promote positive and responsible network and Internet behaviour. Please follow this link to read the full statement.

Snap Chat Guide 

There are also further helpful tips here which will assist you in ensuring your child keeps safe online

Please click on this link giving access for Parents to a general overview of e-safety providing both the positive and negative aspects of the Internet, some key statistics, tips and useful links. 

Child Internet Safety is a Website produced in partnership with the UK Council for Child Internet Safety where you can subscribe to a free magazine providing a wide range of information for parents. "So if the world wide web feels more like a spider's web, or you need impartial parent-friendly advice on the best protection software and gadgets, then why not visit"

The following websites are also full of useful information:


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