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Year 7 Vocal Competition
On Friday 19 November we will be holding our very first tutor group vocal competition. Year 7 students have been working hard in lessons on a range of popular songs to perform in concert to the rest of their year group. We are delighted to be able to sing again, and the students are sounding excellent!

Well done to all those who have put themselves forward for a solo, we know you will do really well. The winning tutor group will be awarded with an extended break time and brunch as their prize.

Vocal Group - Tuesdays, 3.00-3.45pm
All students, in any year group, are invited along to our new vocal group. Students have been preparing for the Christmas concert already and are sounding excellent. Well done to all those who have been coming, especially regularly as it really helps us to learn our repertoire if we have committed members.

Year 9 Rock Band                                                                                                Wednesday’s 3.00-4.00pm & Year 7 and 8 Rock Band, Thursday 3.00-4.00pm
Any keen musicians are welcome to join these groups. Students are preparing their pieces for the Christmas concert. You don't have to be able to play an instrument already, just enthusiasm for music is needed. Those wishing to sing are also very welcome.

Well done to all students working hard in their lessons, we have a lot of talent here and can't wait to start performing again live to showcase their work.