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Importance of Social Distancing and Wearing a Facemask

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An increasing number of schools nationally and across Essex are facing positive Covid-19 test results among students and staff. In these circumstances schools are asked to identify students who have come into close contact with the person who has tested positive.

In an online assembly last week we explained to students the importance of minimising contact with others, such as turning around to face one another and physical contact. This will reduce the chance that students would be instructed to isolate for fourteen days
should a friend or another student that they have been in close contact with test positive for Covid-19.

Students are beginning to become more aware, and we thank you in anticipation for reinforcing this message with your children. 

Thank you for your support in ensuring students have face coverings to use in school.  We are exploring whether we can use Parentpay for parents to purchase a face covering from the school in the event that a student forgets to bring one with them or lose or damage theirs during the course of the school day.