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ThinkNinja is a mental health and emotional wellbeing app for children and young people, designed with self-management skills and interactive education content that is easy to translate into their daily lives. From topics such as coping skills for day to day stresses, to more complex issues including unhelpful thoughts and thinking traps that are driving symptoms of low mood and anxiety, young people can move around the app with the guidance of a virtual avatar called ‘Wise Ninja’.

As a direct response to the coronavirus, ThinkNinja has been made freely available across the UK for 10-18 year old's, for the duration of the crisis. The team of specialist child psychologists have worked hard to create specific Covid-19 content to support young people.

The new content brings self-help skills to those people who may be experiencing increased anxiety and stress during ThinkNinja’s new Covid-19 content provides an opportunity for young people to explore the following:
- Fears relating to the virus
- Isolation struggles and how to stay connected to family and friends
- Worries about personal health and health of family members
- Coping techniques to use during the crisis
- Plus loads of other helpful tips!

It's really easy to download and install ThinkNinja. Just search ThinkNinja in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, install and then enter a few registration details before meeting the ‘Wise Ninja’ and exploring the app.