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Curriculum learning strategy in the event of a school closure

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This week (09 March) the school sent out a communication regarding the school’s curriculum learning strategy in the event of a forced school closure due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

The school is following advice provided by Public Health England and the Department for Education.

As part of the school’s strategy in response to the Coronavirus outbreak, we would like to update you on the following:
- Plans are in place to ensure the smooth running of the formal GCSE and A level examinations this summer
- The school will follow advice from the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) and will update parents as and when information is given to schools should examinations be disrupted locally or nationally
- A strategic plan is in place in the event of an outbreak of the Coronavirus infection related to the school
- This week student assemblies will focus on the coronavirus and the importance of cleanliness and hygiene

Please follow this link to the letters home page for more information.