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Year 11 exam arrangements

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With the year 11 exams starting this week, please see below summarised for students and parents key information regarding the examinations:
Prior to the exams starting:
 Make sure you know when each exam paper is and where you are sitting your exam
 Make sure you know what equipment you need for each paper
 Make sure you have enough black pens and a water bottle with no label
Arriving at the exams:
 All students should arrive at their exams at least 15 minutes before the start time (morning exams start at 9.00am and afternoon exams start at 1.15pm)
 These are the start times of the exams and not the times we will begin to register students. Students must arrive at 8.45am or 1.00pm and line up
 All students must wear full school uniform to their exams What happens if you miss the start of the exam?
 Students who do not arrive to the start of an examination will be contacted. Students will then have one hour to get to their exam. After this time we cannot allow students to enter the exam hall and they will have missed that exam
 If students are ill and cannot come into the exam on that day they must get a note from their doctor and bring this into school and the school office should be contacted immediately Study leave:
 Students are expected to be in lessons if they are not in an exam up to Friday 24 May
 Students who have an afternoon exam are able to have lunch at 12.20pm. If it is an optional exam, a red card can be collected from student services up to break time on the day of the exam.
 Students being dismissed from afternoon exams are expected to return to their period 5 lesson.