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Sixth Form Open Evening - Wednesday 17th October - 6pm-8pm

Categories: Curriculum

October and November are crucial times for students in year 11 to explore options for their post 16 study once they leave year 11.
The William de Ferrers sixth form open evening is taking place on Wednesday 17 October and is a fantastic opportunity for students to look into the courses available to them.
When looking at any post 16 option, students should be encouraged to consider what are the entry requirements for the course/apprenticeship, what qualification will they gain at the end, what will the course or apprenticeship allow them to go on and do in the future and which sort of pathway will they enjoy and succeed in?
All of these questions can be answered this week at the open evening. Students and parents are asked to remember at this stage it is all about giving students options. They may be undecided in where they are going after year 11 but there is no harm in applying for a place at sixth form as final decisions about placements will be made in August. The worst thing they could do is not apply to go anywhere and then be disappointed when the course they want to do is full or the apprenticeship they want to do is no longer available.
If students need any help and advice with this decision, please encourage them to speak to their form tutor, the pastoral team in H block, a member of the sixth form team or book an appointment with our careers advisor Mrs Burroughs.

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