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Use of Mobile Phones in School

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We would like to clarify the procedures for parents regarding the new mobile phone policy. 
For the first two times a phone is taken, students can collect them at the end of school. This gives the child two opportunities to reflect on their choices. If a student chooses to use the phone a third time, parents will be contacted and asked to come into school to collect their child’s mobile phone.
A staff survey on the initial impact of the new mobile phone policy is indicating an overwhelming positive result of implementing the new policy.
100% of respondents said the clarity of the use of mobile phones in school has improved (63% significantly improved, 37% improved), 89% said student focus and attention has improved. Behaviour has improved according to 79% of respondents. Around school, 85% said that students’ engagement with the ‘present’ or ‘here and now’ has improved with 83% responding that students’ interaction with each other has improved.
While we anticipated a positive impact on lessons, the impact on students’ attitudes and interaction with each other around the school has been a wonderful surprise.
We will be looking at how we can support the sixth form with their access to digital media in the coming weeks.
We would like to thank parents and carers for thier continued support in raising standards.