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Science Trip to Paris

Categories: Academy Trips

In the May half term break, the science department took 43 key stage 3 students on a superb three day residential trip to Paris.
The students visited the air and space museum where they saw different aircraft such as Concorde and various fighter planes, as well as many rockets and satellites. The students then experienced the La Villette City of Science and Industry where students had the opportunity to experience a wide variety of interactive exhibits which highlighted many different scientific principles, including the science behind video games, chaos theory and the mysteries of the universe.
To end our first full day in Paris, students enjoyed a three course meal in a restaurant right next to the Arc De Triomphe and had a surprise visit to the Eiffel Tower.
The second full day took the students to Disneyland Paris where they spent the whole day experiencing the magic, surviving all of the rides, as well as a magnificent thunderstorm! Despite the rain and thunder, the students were able to stay to watch the spectacular projection and fireworks show.
We are very proud of how the students conducted themselves and thier attitude during the three days.
Thank you to Mr Collington for organising the trip for the benefit of our students.