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Year 9 Archaeological Dig

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On Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 of April a group of our year nine students along with students from the Plume School took part in an archaeological dig in Althorne.
There were a number of significant finds including medieval pottery, Romano-British pottery, a number of pot boilers, a flint blade, flint flakes and a possible part of a flint scraper. Dates of these finds will be confirmed with more accuracy when the team from Cambridge University have examined them. This data will then be stored on the national archaeological database.
On Friday 27 April, the group then visited Cambridge University’s archaeology department where they attended a lecture, had a tour of Pembroke College and undertook an exercise regarding displaying archaeological finds in the museum of archaeology and anthropology. The students now have to write a piece explaining how their finds relate to Althorne. These will be submitted to Cambridge University for grading and feedback.
All of the students were a credit to the school, the standard of their work and the way the dig was recorded was of a very professional quality.
Very well done to all the students who took part.