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Congratulations Sports Leaders!

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Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to become William de Ferrers sports leaders:

George Lavender, Nader Emam, Ryan Godfrey-Shaw , Dexter Wiseman, Erin Green, Lola Booth, Leah Farrow,

Sophie Batt, Charlize Ayling, Misty Stevens, Brooke Jordan, Adam Markey, Ross Carr, Josh Ruck, Tom Dumas,

Jack Camfield, Josh Newell, Mille Kandola, Isobel Ayling, Niamh Dowler, Keira Anderson, Lily Watts, Evie Probert,

Megan Brockman, Isobel Allan, Cassie Foreman, Kai Hughes, Nathan Stone, Megan Scott, Rachel Purkis,

Isobelle Borley, Rachel Cremer, Millie Bunn, Daisy Smith, Leah Raymont, Megan Johnson and Mitchell Carr.

Many of these students attended their first leadership training on Wednesday and helped lead an event at the primary sports hall athletics competition on Thursday. These students were a credit to the school and should be proud of the way they conducted themselves.