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We have again begun the year by demanding high standards of behaviour in lessons and around school and have implemented a system which is fair but firm and I would like to outline this system and the processes for parents information.
The vast majority of students at William de Ferrers School are well behaved, friendly and hardworking and an absolute delight to teach and these students deserve to have the right to learn without interruption.  Individuals who choose to disrupt the learning of others are given clear warnings to consider the consequences of their behaviour. If they choose not to heed these warnings and persist in preventing others from learning, they will be removed from the lesson to allow others to learn. Students removed from lesson will be taken to a supervised area and will be issued with a detention.  This will only apply to a small minority of students and of those, most will learn from this experience and heed warnings in future. 
With regard to conduct out of lessons, we expect students to move around school calmly and quietly. If students choose to conduct themselves in a less sociable manner they will be issued with a detention. Types of behaviours that are considered unacceptable in lessons and around school are listed below:
- Not following reasonable instructions resulting in disruption to the learning of others.
- Repeatedly challenging instructions from staff.
- Interfering with other people’s property.
- Repeatedly walking around the room without permission resulting in the disruption to the learning of others.
- Use of inappropriate language.
- Use of language which is derogatory about a particular group or groups.
- Distracting others causing disruption to their learning.
- Unauthorised use of mobile phones/ media.
- Running in corridors.
- Dropping litter
I am sure that you will join us in working towards a culture of exemplary learner conduct and expect your support in creating a school where children can achieve. 
Mr M Applewhite MA NPQH