Welfare & First Aid Service

We provide a welfare and first aid service for students between 8.30am and 4.00pm Monday-Friday during term time.

If a student has a medical condition, whether it is continual or temporary, it is advisable for parents/carers to contact the Medical Room directly on 01245 326329 to notify the staff accordingly. Provision can then be made for the administration of medication or other support during the school day for the young person involved.

Medicines in School

While we can arrange for medication to be given in school, we must receive written authorisation from parents which states clearly the quantity and frequency of administration (see link below). Such medicines must be sent in to school in the original box showing the expriy date e.g. paracetamol. Prescribed medication also needs to be in the original box/bottle with the presecription label showing the child's name. 

Students who suffer from asthma are advised to ensure that they carry their inhalers with them during the school day and that they have a spare inhaler kept in the Medical Room that they can access at any time should they forget or lose their inhaler.

Parental agreement to administer pain relief in school

Illness and Accidents at School

If a student is unwell or injured during the school day, with their teacher’s permission they can attend the Medical Room, where our first aid trained staff will assess them in line with emergency guidelines. While minor accidents will be attended to immediately at school, more serious injuries are dealt with by sending the student to a hospital casualty department. Wherever possible we try to contact parents by telephone at home or at work, to inform them immediately of any medical concerns, and for this reason it is essential that we have up-to-date emergency contact telephone numbers. It is essential that we are alerted immediately if your emergency contact details change. Students should not contact parents directly if they are unwell during the school day, as our medical staff will always make contact.

If a students injure themselves out of school, parents are asked to contact the Medical Room on 01245 326329 to request additional support for the student returning to school should this be necessary. The medical staff will then make arrangements if the student needs help during the school day to get to their lessons. If a student has an ongoing mobility problem, then assistance via lifts can be given, provided that parents send in a doctor’s letter. Students who come to school on crutches should only do so if they have been issued by a doctor for that specific injury.

Illness within school                             

If your child should feel unwell during school hours they should report to the Medical Room.

Pupils MUST NOT make their own arrangements to go home under ANY circumstances.  The Welfare staff will contact parents/carers if students need to be sent home.

The Role of Parents

Parents have a vital role to play in the health and wellbeing of their children and it is with this in mind that we ask that all students are prepared for their school day by way of having a good breakfast. They should also have either a packed lunch with a drink or are able to access the catering system to purchase lunch and a drink at school. All students should bring a plastic bottle with them containing fresh water which they are allowed to drink in lessons, and this can be re-filled during the school day. Children need to drink water regularly throughout the school day, particularly during warm weather.