Young Carers

The 2001 national census highlighted that there were at least 175,000 young carers in the UK.  However, a more recent study by the University of Nottingham for the BBC has put that figure at nearer 700,000.  17% of these young carers do more than 20 hours of caring per week.  A study in one authority suggested there may be up to 30 young carers in a secondary school.

What happens in our school will influence the rest of the young carer’s life and a few small changes will make a huge difference.

We have a range of systems in place to help existing and new young carers and offer support for those who are experiencing difficulties in school.  We can provide general information for pupils including easy access to relevant information about disability, illness etc.

we aim to give encouragement to young carers to maximise participation in all aspects of school life and ensure that they have positive, suitably ambitious and broad horizons when considering further education, training and employment prospects.

Please follow this link to the school young carer information guide or this link for a more detailed overview.