Learning and Teaching

At William de Ferrers every learner is entitled to an experience of learning which is rich, varied, enjoyable and challenging, and which inspires students to strive for excellence.

Learning and Teaching at William de Ferrers is about opening minds and it is about learning how to learn. Close attention is paid to the learners' knowledge, skills, understanding and attitudes. Learning is connected to what students already know. Teaching should enthuse students and engages their interest in learning. Assessment and target-setting make sure that learners know their targets and how to achieve them.

We want learners at William de Ferrers to be active and curious, to ask their own questions, to coach one another, to set goals for themselves and monitor their own progress. They must understand that mistakes and being ‘stuck’ are an important part of learning. When work is varied and challenging and the teaching is outstanding, learners will succeed.

Please follow this link to the school Learning and Teaching Policy