Assessment and Reporting Arrangements

The core aim of our assessment policy is to enhance pupil progress.  It underpins the process of learning and teaching but the most important purpose is to encourage and motivate pupils in order for each pupil to continue to make progress.  

The key aims of the school Assessment Policy are:
1. Pupils should be empowered to understand what progress they have made and what they need to do to progress further.
2. Teachers understand and measure what learners know, what skills that they have and then plan what they need to do in order to enable pupils continue to make progress.
3. Parents are able to see how their children are progressing and understand how they can help and support them in improving further.

To view the school Assessment Policy please follow this link. (The Assessment Policy is currently under review - September 2017)

Assessment Points (APs)

Students in all year groups will be formally assessed at three key points across the year, known as Assessment Point 1 (AP1), Assessment Point 2 (AP2) and Assessment Point 3 (AP3). The timings of AP1, 2 and 3 will vary for different year groups.

The nature of the assessments used to collect the assessment evidence for Assessment Points will vary from subject to subject and between year groups. However, these assessments will always be formal, moderated across the subject and in keeping with the assessment requirements of that year subject/year group.

The benefit of tracking assessment in this way is that we can monitor the progress being made by individual students and teaching groups. The outcome of each Assessment Point is shared with parents and appropriate interventions and catch-up work is planned on the basis of the AP results.

Mock Examinations

In addition to the on-going AP assessments outlined above, full Mock Exams are held in Years 11, 12 and 13 in preparation for final GCSE and AS or A Level examinations. Please consult the school calendar for the timings of these examinations.

Other Formal Examinations

Formal examinations are also held for other year groups details of the timings of these are also shown in the school calendar.