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A reminder that year 12 work shadowing forms must be returned by students to either Mrs Burroughs (G block careers office) or Mr Winslade (2S4) by 29 April 2019. This is an integral part of the sixth form careers program, enabling students to experience the world of work.  Any students who require additional support please see Mrs Burroughs or Mr Winslade.
Since Christmas, we have been working on giving students more control over their onward destinations and key careers decisions. All students across the school still have access to independent careers advice with Mrs Burroughs. The Smart Profile careers planning tool will work alongside these meetings to further benefit our students. Students in year 10 and 12 are already signed up to this platform, and year 11 students will be signed up by February half term. Students in years 7-9 will be signed up throughout the remainder of the spring term.
Please encourage students to use this tool at home and have conversations with them around their future key career decisions.