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Congratulations to our word millionaires!

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In the autumn term, the following students read more than a million words:
Caitlin Burch - 1,249,324 words
Kathryn Eates - 1,830,448 words
Ciara Donnelly - 1,189,245 words
All students in years 7-9 participate in the accelerated reader programme as part of their English lessons.
This is a targeted programme that helps to monitor student’s independent reading. Students choose a book from a large selection at their own level and read it at their own pace. Once finished, students take a short quiz on the computer. Passing this quiz is an indication the student has understood what they have read.  Accelerated reader gives the students, English teachers and library staff immediate feedback based on their quiz.
The classes who earnt the highest percentage of book points by reading books and quizzing in each year groups were:
7W (Mrs Flower) with 88.7% of their target
8X1 (Miss Bird) with 100.6% of their target
9Y2B (Miss Fogg) with 61.6% of their target
Congratulations to everyone.