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Science Competition (22/01/2018)
The science department have launched a writing competition which is open to all students in years 7-9.  Please see the flyer on the school website for further information:
MFL Department (22/01/2018)
All students in year 9 will have their FCSE speaking examination for module 2 (holidays) over the next week with their teacher. Students should be rehearsing their drafts to ensure they include accurate present, past and future tenses with two opinions. Members of MFL staff will tell students which lesson their exam will take place in. Some teachers will be recording the exam as evidence for the AQA exam board. Therefore it would be very helpful if parents would let their student's MFL teacher know if they are going to be absent so the exam can be rescheduled.
Year 11 linguists have their preliminary speaking examinations beginning on Thursday 25 January and continuing to Monday 29 January. They will be required to report to their language teacher 20 minutes before the examination to prepare with an invigilator and then the examination will take place and be recorded. All students will be given a time and a venue and will have a card to show the teacher whose lesson they will miss.
Mr M Coffey - Head of CEIAG (17/01/2018)
The new year is a great time for students to think about their future and what comes after school, whether they plan to go to sixth form, college or are aiming for work or university.
Lots of people overlook the opportunities provided by modern apprenticeships simply because they don't know much about them. Please see the poster attached on where to find out more or arrange to speak to Mrs Burroughs our independent careers advisor.