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This week (17th November 2017) saw the start of the long awaited primary science club. Thirty five students set off on their quest to gain a nationally recognised science award - BA Crest Superstar. The pupils have to complete eight one hour tasks and started with a look at fingerprints. The club takes place after school on Wednesday’s between 3.30pm-4.30pm. Any students who wish to become helpers should see Mr Mason in the science department.
This week (4th December 2017) the year 5 primary science club "Superstars" investigated building bridges and learnt about working together as a team. Thank you to the student helpers: Oliver Walsh, Callum Hill, Adam Levett, Brooke Jordan, Emily Harris and Charlotte Gower. If any other pupils wish to help then please see Mr Mason.
On Thursday (7th Ddcember 2017) year 6 students from Trinity St Mary’s School came in for a lesson on electricity. They learnt about voltage, current and resistance. During the investigation they had to measure the current in a series circuit with one, two and three bulbs and recognise the decrease in current as the bulbs increase and the resistance increases. Also on Thursday the science department went on to Purleigh Primary School to teach their year 6 pupils about yeast. They had to find out about respiration and which type of sugar made the yeast respire the most
It is now time to book instrumental music lessons for the spring term 2018 and renewal letters are being sent out by email.
Please may we remind you that we have to be very strict about the prompt payment of music fees. It is also extremely important to return the application form as soon as possible to Mrs Buckler via the music department. The school has to pre-book the tutors’ hours and due to the increasing popularity of instrumental tuition, a late booking could mean there may not be an available space for your first choice of instrument. If payment is not made by the deadline then no lessons will be booked for your child. The last day for payment on ParentPay is Monday 18 December. Please note that lessons do not start until 12 January 2018.


PE extracurricular clubs are free and everyone is welcome, there is no need to sign up. For full details please see the timetable on the school website: http://www.wdf.school/164/extra-curricular-activities.

If your son or daughter plays sport to a good level out of school we would love to hear about it - please email fengelbrecht@wdf.school.