Sixth Form Course Guide

The William de Ferrers Sixth Form offers a wide range of AS and A Level subjects as well as Level 3 BTEC courses which are equivalent to A Levels. These BTEC courses can be taken as a single award (worth 1 A Level) or a double award (worth 2 A Levels). An A Level is a General Certificate of Education (GCE) qualification designed around an individual subject which is usually assessed predominantly by examinations.  In progressing towards Year 13 you will also take AS Level examinations in these subjects.

A BTEC is a vocational or applied coursework based qualification that is also well regard by universities and employers.

Sixth Form students follow one of three pathways based on their GCSE Point Score. These pathways are:

Students on the Green Pathway take 4 A Levels and are recommended to have a GCSE point score of 46 or above. Students will have the option to drop down to 3 A Levels in Year 13. 

Students on the Red Pathway take 1 vocational/applied qualification and up to 3 A Levels. The number of A Levels taken depends on whether you choose a single or a double vocational/applied qualification. Students on this pathway are recommended to have a point score between 40 and 46. 

Students on the Gold Pathway take at least 2 vocational/applied subjects and, if required, have the option to resit GCSE Maths or English in order to achieve a Grade C.  Students on this pathway will have a point score of between 36 and 40.

In order to take specific courses within these pathways, students will also be required to meet the entry requirements for individual subjects. These can be found in the sixth form course guide later in this booklet. 

In addition to these academic qualifications, students also have the option to take a number of enrichment options, the details of which can also be found in the sixth form course guide.

Please follow this link to the current sixth form course guide or contact Mr Russell, Director of Studies for the Upper School by using this email link for further information.

Download an application form for our September 2018 intake here.