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Year 11 Preliminary Examinations

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A letter has been sent out to parents regarding the year 11 preliminary examinations which are taking place after half term. There are two sets of examinations, English and maths at the start of November and optional subjects, including science, which will take place at the end of November.

Year 11 students are currently completing their references with their form tutors and we have started to receive requests from students regarding their predicted grades for applications to sixth form and colleges.

Students will receive their next report on Friday 13 November which will have up to date professional predictions from subject teachers which students can use for their applications. The preliminary examination grades will be shown on the next report which will follow in the new year.

Whilst the preliminary grades do count towards professional predictions for teachers, they are used in conjunction with current working grades, coursework and homework grades to form an overall picture of where your son or daughter is currently working.