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Period Product Scheme for Schools and Colleges in England

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The government has introduced a scheme to provide free period products for all students who need them.  This means students at all state-maintained schools and 16 to 19 education organisations in England will have access to free period products in their place of study.  All students in schools and 16 to 19 organisations should be able to access period products if they need them.

Products have always been available from our medical room, funded by the school. We are in the process of putting posters in the toilets around the school to advise students that these free products are stored in pink boxes and located in student services (H block) and the medical room initially.

We may change or extend the locations once the scheme has been running for a while.
The following products will be available from Monday 24 February:
- Always Ultra normal plus pads
- Tampax Compak regular tampons
- A small supply of ’out and about’ bags for storing products for those who are unable to supply their own.

Should students have any special requirements that are not included above, or you require further information, please contact Mrs Wakeling via email: swakeling@wdf.school