The School Report

How is the Information contained in the William de Ferrers student report presented to you as parents/carers?

On three occasions during the academic year, your child’s teachers will make an assessment on their attainment and their progress within each subject. This assessment takes the format of a current attainment level/grade and (after the first assessment/report) a cumulative level/grade. The classroom teacher will also award each pupil/student a Learner Score for every subject.  For a full guide on the Learner Score please follow this link.

After each Assessment Point, you will receive an e-mail from Go4Schools notifying you that an online assessment is available for you to view. (For any parent/carer who has not notified us of an email address, alternative arrangements will be made for you to view your child’s assessment).

After each Assessment Point you will receive the compiled report for your child which includes attainment/progress data but also Leaner Scores and Improvement Codes for each subject. As a school, your child’s tutor will receive a copy of the Learner Score and Improvement Codes for each child in each subject. They will use this information to discuss with your child how best to support them in making progress in their learning.

Heads of Year will also analyse the Learner Score and Improvement Codes for each child and issue a selection of rewards for demonstrating excellent behaviour for learning and also a series of supportive interventions to help pupils/students who may be struggling in certain areas of learning. For example, if a pupil/student achieves a certain number of M codes which highlights an issue with revision, they will be expected to attend some afterschool sessions which give practical advice on how to become more effective at revising.

Please follow this link to view a sample School Report.